Monday, November 3, 2008

10 secs is all it takes... Right?

Advertising School:
Fakd & European school of Design, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Directors:
Ralph Thamm, Mathias Gregorzek
Art Director / Copywriter / Post production / Photographer:
Danilo Dick Farah
Other additional credits:
Markus Morley, Stefan Mildner

Mmm... Interesting. These must be viewed large in order to really feel 'The power of the cross'.

Yes, it appears that Ariel Pocket removes stains in 10 seconds. This illusion works until you tune back to reality and the stain is still there. I hope for Ariel Pocket's sake, that reality is wrong. None the less, nice way of getting consumers involved. Basha.

Via: Jazarah

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