Monday, November 3, 2008

ETA Star: Concrete

Agency: BrandcomLocation: DubaiClient: ETA Star

You may have to save the pic and zoom in on the text to see it clearer..
Now this is why I don't particularly like engineers: they talk too damn much. In their line of business it's vital to keep every statement well explained and backed up, which is fine; the problem is, in advertising they think the same can apply. The way to get the consumer to give you a second glance is to give them something noticeable, then leave his imagination to do the rest; that's where the ad's quality lies. Whereas here, it seems ETA Star feels the need to overexplain things otherwise no one will get it; in other words, it's an ad whose lack of confidence is apparent.

"We're like a kid, see? And kids, like, have imaginations, y'know? So by logic and stuff, we can conclude that we got imaginations too! But the difference is, ours is concrete... [wait to see if anyone gets it] ... [coughs when no one does] yeah, cause we, like, do stuff with concrete cause we're engineers and stuff, so put the concrete and the imagination together and they make a... they make a... they just make something good, okay?"

That's how the ad reads to me, to be honest. The last sentence alone really would've sufficed: "Concrete isn't just a tool, it's a conviction." That's all it needed, guys. My imagination could've done the rest. Instead I wasted 40 seconds of my existence reading some redundant crap. Now why would I want to give you money after this?

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