Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pearly Whites

Client: Dr. Suhail R. Saiyad Dental Clinic
Creative Director: Vikram Reddy
Copywriter: Jack Samaha
Art Director: Jack Samaha
Illustrator: Jack Samaha

Via: MediaME

Enter Oman in the playing field. Ok so I haven't entirely
decided if I like it or hate it. (NB: I didn't say love it or hate
it, doesn't have enough potential for the 'l' word).

Yeah ok, so I get the idea behind it. Yes its straightforward, simple,
and to the point. But a little too much so? Possibly.
But I mean seriously come on how many of us have seen piano keys
as teeth on various comedy shows and cartoons? (Show of hands please)
I can't take it seriously anymore...

Or maybe that's just me. Whatever I suppose I can just call it 'nice',
and you can figure out the rest.

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  1. opssss another copy cat http://paragonanubis.wordpress.com/2008/07/06/old-tune/


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