Sunday, November 9, 2008

President/King/Queen of Cheese... Ah the Glory...

Advertising Agency: Strategies Cairo, Egypt
Associate Creative Director/ Art Director: Ahmed Mokhtar

So the President wants to become King... of the Cheese... It's very difficult to be objective when that's the main concept of something that you should be reviewing neutrally.
Well when it comes to the realm of Cheesiness I believe I'm still in possession of my own coat of arms and a proud member of the 2alsh Templar Brotherhood (expect a few more medieval references btw), so I guess I'm in a more positive position to look at this than most. And therefore we shall present these specimens to the high court and see what the jester can make of 'em.

First off, the tagline's more pathetic than a squire riding a mule wearing a suit of armor four times his size. It's translated to, "A Square on the Throne of Cream." My reactionary face was best translated to, "Huh?" Come on guys, if you're gonna go with cheesy then go all the damn way! "Allah Save the Cheese" is an idea, for example. Or maybe, "Knights of the Dairy Table." My favorite is, "Min El Baqara, Qadimal Batala" (From the Cow, Cometh the Champion). Told you I earned that Knighthood!

Concerning the pics themselves, they're... ok. But the only one I genuinely like is the throne one, the crown's a bit 'blah' and the queen one's just stupid - assuming you know what you're looking at without glancing at the ad's name (which I didn't).
Last but not least, the concept itself. It's a brand called President. And it's going on about kings. Why? Because you're worried you'll offend some particular examples of men who share the same title your cheese does? Why am I asking? No reason at all wallahi...

Um so I'd like to add a few more pun-maniac lines but I think these ads have wasted enough of our time already. Fare thee well, Emperor Yogurt!

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