Monday, December 1, 2008

A Muppet Show Kinda Reaction

Agency: Ad Spade, Jordan

What's this then? Cop taking measurements?... 'extreme measures'... oh I get it now! That's brilliant! Now we're talking! And Jordanian too? Well done, that's pretty good... Model management, eh? Ah I see, not bad at all... well it could be better, and I could've done without the Envogue badge on his arm, it's a little campy bas ishta... and the copy could be better too... maybe should've... come to think of it, the 'measures' thing's a bit cheesy... it's not a very good ad at all, actually... it sucks! Boo! Boo I say!!
Ok the last couple of lines were kinda more for comedic purposes but you get the idea... Overall assessment? 'Bleh'...

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