Friday, October 31, 2008

'Bare Essentials' Campaign

Agency: Memac Ogilvy
Country: U.A.E.
Brilliant stuff, really. The mannequin's destined to get most of the attention but the tags are just as effective in a more subtle kind of way. Let's see the rest of the region's reaction to this, then.

Saudi Airlines - New Fleet

Agency: Promoseven Jeddah
Creative Director: Yvan Goudard
Country: Saudi Arabia
. . .

Ok I got an idea, here's what the voiceover for this should have been:

"Za airoblain use to fly very bad. Za airoblain was bad for yor helss. Za airoblain was slow like man in za desert and could not make za drama abbroach in za sky. But now... za airoblain better." [clouds part, fleet arrives] "Saudi Airline: Now, za airoblain good."

My rating for this ad: 0.35/10
The ad with my lil speech added: 4/10
" " " " " " " and have a final shot of the voice actress, who turns out to be this sultry red-haired vixen wearing nothing but a turban, a miniature airplane and a scimitar (exactly where they are on her is your choice): 7/10

Shame Saudi Airlines didn't have that much creativity. But then again, I'm sure I've run across some used tissues with more creativity than this.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Really Big Nuts

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Indonesia
Client: Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts

Peanuts so big, that even elephants choke
on them. When I first saw this I actually
giggled out loud and embarrassed myself
in the office, but just look at it...
Funny idea, great design and good execution.
Henry Heimlich himself would be proud.
Even if it isn't the kind of visual you want stuck
in your head for the rest of the day...

Via: AdGoodness


Title: Clorets Food/Sleep/Silence (top to bottom)

Client: Clorets

Agency: JWT

Country: Egypt

The problem with a lack of competition is that the motivation you had to improve your game just isn't there. This really applies to Egypt's dominance in the TV ad field; the truth is, the Egyptians are light-years ahead of the Middle Eastern competition. While that's great for them in itself, it gives me a yearly batch of decent, yet not ground-breaking, ads.

Which leads us to Clorets. The concept itself is exactly what I've been talking about thus far: not bad at all, but hardly anything special. The one true element which appeals to me is Ahmed Esseily's refusal to portray himself in that arrogant "I'm-a-celebrity-and-I'm-here-which-is-why-you-should-buy-this-thing" kind of way (for those who don't know, Ahmed's a TV show and radio host in Egypt - he's the doctor). I like the deadpan way he does the part, and his celebrity status only makes it more appealing. Plus I'll probably spend the next week saying "Kalb!" at random...

IMAX and Superman's Secret

Title: Superman
IMAX Cinemas
The Tribe

Arab Ad's Creative


I always wondered about that..he's defeated the forces of evil, gravity, crappy disguises etc., but has he conquered the realm of perspiration? Or has he just been relying on movie screens to never have the resolution that can pick up his shortcomings? Is that why this ad cleverly refrains from focusing on his face, then? Who knows what horrors may lie there...Well I'm grateful, the last thing I need to see is a Superzit..

Yes I have a lot of free time...Well, good ad all the same. Subtle, humorous and to the point..just the way I like it. And it won a Bronze at the Lynx so I guess someone agrees.

Batelco Broadband PC... for 'Everyone' 2allak

Agency: Intermarkets
Country: Bahrain

Via: MediaME

[Deep breath]

First off, I despise campaigns that aim for 'everyone'. You can smell the bullshit a mile away when you find someone trying to pitch you a product that would satisfy that fantastic unknown entity known as 'everyone'. I'm me, they're them. Sell me something for ME!!

So imagine my reaction when I find this campaign which not only gives the 'something for everyone' gist, but is not the least bit ashamed to make it the damn title. Then of course the second mistake is trying to show examples of 'everyone' - if you try to aim at a population of millions, even thousands, you kind of look stupid when you settle for only four examples. It's even more embarrassing when you actually have to clarify on who I'm looking at ("She's a designer, see? Yeah really, we wrote that on the side just to prove it!").

Now my gripes concerning the aforementioned specimens... First, I may not be very much in touch with the Bahraini gamer community but if that dude's a gamer I'm just dying to see what a preppy snot-nosed health-instructor looks like over there - I have a good idea of that image, which is maybe why they didn't take a picture of that! Next - that's not a student. No, don't insult my intelligence, that's not a student anywhere! Who the hell goes to college looking like that?! If I ran into her on campus I'd ask her if I know any of her students so I can check if she puts out or not! Last - that 'professional' is a joke. The 'student' looks like she can wipe the floor with him for Beelzebub's sake!

I don't want your damn PC's cause I'm bloody insulted by the film-veiled lack of insight on your own customers, which apparently includes me and everyone I've ever known. So thanks Batelco, but no thanks. And maybe, just maybe, I speak for 'everyone' on that.

Hoover: Risky Business

"For a Product Demo
Break the Glass"

- Hoover Vacuum

We're not sure if this actually ran as an ambient ad,
but either way its genius. Let's just ignore the fact
that if someone took this seriously, scores of people
would end up dead.
But I don't care, I still love it.

Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Directors: Moyeenul Alam, Jessica Maitree
Copywriter: Niklas Kristensen

Via: Ads of the World


"The official sponsor of the Egyptian team in Beijing 2008"

So, um yeah...great help to the Egyptian team this
campaign was. Pyramids one was the only one that
could sort of be understood by itself, but the chopstick
as an obelisk and fans as a lotus flower? Didn't quite get
those till I saw all of them. Fatal error in advertising -
when the visual does not live up to the idea...

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Cairo, Egypt
Creative Director: Mohamed Hamdalla
Art Director: Ahmed Hussein
Illustrator: Marwan Ragheb

Via: Ads of the World

Wonder Woman Wonderbra

Advertising Agency: Tonic, Dubai

Market insight is always a useful thing, and it can't
hurt to poke fun at ourselves sometimes. Clever, fun
and sexy...can't go wrong with that combination.

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