Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MENA Cristal Awards Shortlists 2009

Website www.totallystreet.com shortlisted for Cyber Cristal

ARC/Leo Burnett Dubai, UAE
General Motors

The MENA Cristal Awards are around the corner, 26-30 January to be exact. Lebanon will be hosting these awards, with three nights of extensive activities.

These are some examples of the entries shortlisted for the awards (full lists available at www.menacristal.com). The downside being that the website does not provide links for the entries and if you are interested, you'll actually have to go look for them yourself. As expected Egypt's entries are mainly in TV with Leo Burnett's "Burrito" campaign for Mo'men and their LINK DSL campaign getting shortlisted.

Last year was largely dominated by the JWT MENA network, which picked up most of the awards. This year however we see Fortune Promoseven popping up in almost all the categories. Some of the most notable entries being the Sony "Store the Impossible" ads. The results should be interesting despite my slight disappointment in the lack of diversity in the shortlists. Still we shall wait and see what the jury has to say...

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