Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mr Lemon. Dr Lime

This is part of Sprite's new campaign in Egypt. It features two cool CG-Animated characters: Mr Lemon and Dr Lime talking mostly nonsense, but funny none the less. A definite step-up from Memac Ogilvy's horrendous campaign (Ana Kida, Ana Sprite) that plagued Egypt last summer. The billboards are fresh and colourful as well, although the site (, except for wallpapers and videos, offers nothing to the imagination.

I believe FP7 did this although I could be wrong. If someone knows the details, please...


  1. This actually made me laugh. And I looooove the colors. So pretty. "Danta 7amdan." Haha.

  2. this was made by Ali Ali at "Elephant" :)

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