Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ear Torture by Timberland

The following are a few words of how I feel about Timberland's latest adventure on the Nile FM radio waves:

- I think the ad is for footwear but I can't be sure
- The spot boasts a particularly intelligent script, talking about how summer is hot, winter is cold, Spring is green, and so forth
- The voice over artist/fartist is apparently talking in English, however the understanding of anything is highly improbable
- If I was to summarize what I'd heard in two words: ear torture

If anyone else feels similar symptoms to what I'm feeling, please feel free to let it out by clicking on the cobweb covered comment tab below this post.

Thank you


  1. i do wonder where they get these voice over people from, its scary.

  2. It certainly is scary....
    Imagine if all our radio ads were voiced by him...
    or all our friends talked with that accent....
    our world.... *pause
    would be unlivable....

    thanks for your comment :)


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