Sunday, April 5, 2009

The FP7 Doha Saga Continues

Another FP7 Doha Ad Disowned...this time by Aramex

FP7 Doha is already in deep trouble, but it looks like it's only going to get worse. Investigations launched by both Lynx organizers and FP7 Dubai are already underway regarding the Samsung, Higeen and Nissan campaigns. Now another client has been added to this list of disgruntled non-existent clients, Aramex.

Ad Agency: FP7, Doha, Qatar
Creative Director: Fadi Yaish
Copywriter: Mohamed Diaa
Art Director: Maged Nassar
Photographer: Allen Dang - Wizard Photography
Illustrator: Karen
Account Supervisor: Charbel Mizher

Via: MediaME

According to Gulf News, Aramex apparently had not commissioned this ad by Fp7 Doha and had nothing to do with it (it's unfortunate then that this won Gold in the Dubai Lynx Awards). So far the Agency of the Year along with seven other awards have been withdrawn from the scamming agency. It was not enough that they created campaigns unbeknown to their 'supposed' clients, but they also went a step further with the Aramex one by copying an ad that had been executed, not once, but TWICE before. You'd think that one agency can't be that stupid, but there you have it.

Agency: FP7 Doha

Agency: DDB Brazil

The issue with this scandal is that its repercussions won't be limited to FP7 Doha, but it will create a ripple effect throughout the region. This is due to the simple truth that the region is always grouped into one entity by the rest of the world for some absurd reason. This is simply thoughtlessness on the part of Fp7 that will end up casting a very dark shadow on all advertising professionals in the Middle East. It's beyond disappointing to see this amount of irresponsibility, all just to get an award. It all horribly backfired, and it has gotten from bad to worse to downright ridiculous.

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