Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ya3ni eih Coke Zero?

Agency: FP7 Cairo

I like the idea a lot. Same taste, no sugar. Get more than you're expecting.
Only one thing is bothering me. All the ads have guys drinking Coke Zero. Isn't that weird? I imagine there is a huge market for low calorie soft drinks in women, don't you? Not just that, some situations might actually be offensive to them.

For example, "You're engaged to Yasmine, and going out with Dina".
Hmmmm.... Would this work the other way round in Egypt?
Ladies, start your engines and load your guns. First Birell and now this.

But I have to give it to FP7 Cairo here. I love the Molokheya one. Haha, I was laughing all the way to Basata last week, thanks to that and to some Chris Rock comedy.

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