Sunday, May 3, 2009

How Annoying are your Clients?

Clients can be very annoying. Sometimes, while talking to them, I don't. All the swear words in the world cannot come together to perfectly describe how I'd like to reply to the crap I'm hearing. Instead I try to block out the mindless babble; Paint lovely images in my mind of beautiful bounty women on lost islands; Stare intensely at a pencil. Anything...

* Deep breath

Off course I am exaggerating a little. But it's microscopic in littleness. 

So here are some screamers that clients (in Egypt) love doing and that annoy the shit out of me. Please feel free to add to this list as it is no way complete.

Stupid things that clients do:

1) Adding their two cents, whether it's needed or not

2) Cramming everything and anything into a single ad

3) Choosing the safe option, 100% of the time

4) Making sure to fuck up your design at first chance

5) Coming up with the most cliche ideas known to man 

6) Trying to convince you they can be creative as well

7) Always saying they want something creative and then never accepting it

8) Overusing the word: creative

9) Ridiculous deadlines

10) Last minute changes

11) More last minute changes




Did I miss anything?


  1. You might find this interesting

  2. this list is super true the clients are the ones who distruct their own ads, i'm a copywriter in an ads agency in egypt and every single day i suffer all this bullshit my god with the most crappy irrelevant briefs and in the end they say either its not creative or its too creative :(

  3. Thanks anon for your comment...
    Welcome to the club.

  4. Oh, I have a couple more:
    . They call you five minutes before the workday starts and five minutes after it ends (on a Thursday) and want to discuss their entire marketing plan.
    . Give misleading briefs and then realize half-way through the project that they want something completely different.

    ... I could go on, but your list sums up all the important ones.

    Cheers Kaz!


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