Wednesday, May 6, 2009

McDonalds - Couch

Dubai Lynx 2009 - Outdoor - Bronze Winner

Agency: FP7 Dubai
Country: UAE
Creative Director: Marc Lineveldt 
Copywriter: Neil Walker-wells 
Art Director: Shaun Dean Thomas 
Photographer: Groovy 
Illustrator: Groovy 
Typographer: Shaun Dean Thomas 
Art Buyer: May Farhat 
Account Supervisor: Walleed Kharma 
Advertiser's Supervisor: Abdallah 

So today I was at a bar in Maadi. I seemed to have lost my lighter. I look under the cushions of the couch I'm sitting on, and true enough, I find a lighter. It's not mine, but it is now. Anyway, I like this. Whenever I look in the deep realms of a couch, I always find something. Sometimes it's some change. So this ad really hits the spot. Good stuff!

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