Thursday, May 28, 2009

New rules for Dubai Lynx 2010

The organizers of Dubai Lynx have put down new competition laws for entrants, in an attempt to prevent all that happened this year from happening again.

Philip Thomas, CEO of Cannes Lions, organizers of the Festival, said: "Dubai Lynx is not an art show, it is an advertising festival. For agencies to enter pieces of work that were not created for bona fide clients insults the hard-working international jury, and the other, honest, entrants. As organizers of many shows, such as Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Spikes Asia, we are determined that the MENA will have an awards show that is above reproach, hence this clarification and tightening of the rules for the Lynx Awards 2010."

So what are the new rules?

• Full contact details of client must be provided. Clients must confirm by email, that the entry is genuine. If no confirmation is given, Lynx will dismiss the entry.
• More information on where and when an ad has run, including publication details, outdoor/in-store sites, etc. One rule that hasn’t changed: agencies still only need to prove an advert has run once to be eligible for entry.
• Regarding copycat ads, Lynx has the power to dismiss entries and remove awards, upon being presented with evidence.
• If an ad is submitted in more than one category, the points from the higher rated award only will go towards Agency of the Year points. So if an ad wins Silver in outdoor and Gold in print, only the seven points from Gold will be counted.
• As for cultural issues, more senior regional figures will be brought in the judging room.
• The outdoor category will be split into ‘Outdoor’, ‘Ambient’, and ‘Poster’. Entrants will have to provide details such as dimensions, locations, outdoor providers and pictorial evidence among other things.

Well what can we say to that? Good riddance Lynx. Will it work?
Well... I’m optimistic.

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