Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swine Time!

Last thursday the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that they would no longer refer to the new influenza strain as 'Swine Flu', fearing that it had been misleading on the nature of the disease. Instead they will use the technical scientific name: H1N1 influenza A. 

Meanwhile the Egyptian government has ordered the slaughtering of 300,000 pigs in the hope that the influenza won't spread. 

* Kaz bites into his bacon sandwich... for the last time... 

Experts say the virus cannot be caught from eating pork and there is no scientific rationale for the cull.

Yes, our pig farms are damn unhygienic, and sure our pigs aren't the soft snorting pink piglets of the West. However, I do think we're missing something here.

And that is common sense. Because of some panic-driven decision, a shit load of Egyptian pig farmers are gonna be really pissed off. So what's gonna happen?

Pig farmers will riot. Some of em might even try to cover their losses in the form of pig shawermas (a rumor I heard today).

If H1N1 is to cross into our borders, it will come through a person.

It's not the pigs we have to worry about, it's me and you.

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