Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson RIP

As you all know, Michael Jackson has died aged 50. The world mourns, as the king of pop leaves us to our memories. 

We all grew up with MJ around and controversy always surrounded this talented master of entertainment. His songs are timeless and will always be with us. 

Imagine winning an all expense paid trip to London to see Michael Jackson, and then you get this piece of news? Tough luck Nile FM MJ winners.

To the conquerer of all media and times, to an idol, to a king, Michael Jackson, rest in peace, we will never forget.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The region and Cannes, so far...

Below are the all the regions shortlisted entries so far. Congrats and good luck winning something.

Y&R Dubai and TBWA\Raad lead the way for the region so far as the promo, PR, direct, media, outdoor, radio and print Cannes Lions shortlists are unveiled today.

Y&R is shortlisted heavily in the outdoor and print categories for its work for Harvey Nichols and Land Rover, while TBWA\Raad Dubai has work for Beiersdorf and Henkel shortlisted in the same categories.

TBWA\Raad also has the first ever shortlist for Saudi Arabia, with its ‘Miniature magazines’ work for Masa Pest Control making the cut in the direct category.

Also shortlisted are Leo Burnett Cairo and Leo Burnett Beirut, the former for its work for Heinz, the latter for Khede Kasra in the PR category.

JWT Dubai has also been shortlisted in the outdoor category for its work for Band Aid, while Impact BBDO has one radio shortlist for LG.

Below, the region’s shortlisted campaigns so far:

Alternative Media: Small Scale – One Breasted Mannequin – Bare Essentials Breast Cancer – Memac Ogilvy Dubai

Charity – Khede Kasra – Hariri Foundation – Leo Burnett Beirut
Best PR led integrated campaign – Khede Kasra – Hariri Foundation – Leo Burnett Beirut

Flat Mailing – Miniature Magazine – Masa Pest Control – TBWA\Raad Saudi Arabia
Dimensional Mailing – Swedish Wine – Solar Panels – Memac Ogilvy Label, Tunisia

Pharmacy – Medals – Johnson & Johnson – Baid-Aid – JWT Dubai
Retail stores – Dogs, Fire extinguishers & Stop – Harvey Nichols – Y&R Dubai
Point of purchase, small scale – Knee and desert – Beiersdorf Middle East – Hanaplast – TBWA\Raad

Best use of magazines – Lump – Dubai Healthcare City – Impact Plus (BBDO) – OMD Dubai
Best use of ambient media: small scale – One breasted mannequin – Bare Essentials Breast Cancer – Memac Ogilvy Dubai – Starcom MediaVest Group Dubai
Best use of Mixed Media – Stop the suffering – Procter & Gamble – Leo Burnett Beirut – Starcom MediaVest Group Beirut
FMCG – Falling in love again – Mars – Starcom Mediavest Group Dubai

Home appliances, furnishings, electronics & audio visual – Song titles – LG – Impact BBDO Dubai

Savoury foods – Egyptian hotdog, pizza and burger – Heinz Ketchup – Leo Burnett Cairo
Cosmetics and beauty – Car – Henkel Egypt – TBWA\Raad Dubai
Pharmacy – Hand, elbow and knee – Beiersdorf Middle East – Hansaplast – TBWA\Raad
Retail stores – Cats, rockets, birds, dogs, fire extinguishers, fender bender – Harvey Nichols – Y&R Dubai
Corporate image – Salmon, venison, eel and Lychee – Land Rover – Y&R Dubai

Saturday, June 20, 2009

LOWE Egypt wins Red Bull account

Congratulations to LOWE Egypt for winning the much talked about Red Bull pitch as well as snapping up some Virgin Megastore work. This is a guerilla idea they recently had for Red Bull Street Style:

Agency: LOWE Egypt
Creative Director: Hisham Kharma
Art Directors: Montasser Khalil, Khalid Khidr, Ahmed Coutry
Producers: Ehab Basta, Ali Amr
Freestylers: Philip Warren Gartsson, Yorok Zamora

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pasta Pasta!!

Agency: Impact BBDO, Cairo
Country: Egypt

Just got this by mail now. Very funny stuff. Pasta pasta. Hah. The Egypt Vs Brazil game is in 20 mins, rabena ma3ana.

A radio ad was created and aired however not sure if this TV ever did. If anyone knows any details, that would be great.

Radio Roundup Egypt

So what's been riding the radio airwaves recently:

1) Wataneya Ad: Oveplayed, overacted, and damn annoying. Also I noticed they changed the script slightly this week from last week.

2) Beano's Card: I'm not sure exactly what card (Black, Silver or....) is being advertised for.It's all a bit rushed. That being said, it is very entertaining, especially the line: 'Roo7 we hatlt everysing fil menuuu... il menuuu'

3) Ana kida. Sprite: A set of supposedely real people, each of them stating something they would like to do, no matter how outrageous. I heard one this morning about a 20 something year old gal in 2nd year pharmacy saying how when she grows up she wants to be a director.

Fair enough. Good luck telling your parents.

Another features a 20 something teen boy who would like to go to Sharm... by bycycle.

Well mister funky Arab, I hope you trip and land in a pile of camel shit.

You know it's easy to say stuff, and entirely different to go through with it.
I hope Sprite doesn't stand for lost or missed dreams.

4) Mega Ice Cream: Sounds like a very inexperienced VO for starters. Something about posting photos of you eating Mega Icecream to their group and the nicest looking will be featured on their billboards.

Oh I see, interaction, brand loyalty and stardom?
How about superficial, shallow and brand retarded?

Has anyone heard anything memorable apart from these, good or bad?

Friday, June 12, 2009

ART Confederations Cup South Africa

Agency: LOWE Egypt 
Creative Director: Hisham Kharma 
Art Directors/Copywriters: Montasser Khalil, Mahmoud Fathy, Ahmed Coutry, Saher Wafai 
Producer: Ehab Basta 
Post: Zanad 
Music: Hisham Kharma

Similar direction to the previous 'ART Ahly in Japan' spot also by LOWE Egypt. My fave is the 'no comment' one. 

I would have liked them all more if the animals mouths were more in sync with the VOs.

What do you think?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beta: Teenage Dogs

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Beirut
Country: Lebanon
Creative Directors: Bechara Mouzannar, Chermine Assadian
Art Directors: Nayla Moubarak, Joumana Ibrahim
Copywriters: Rana Najjar, Alex Kent
Illustrator: Tiago Hoysel
Published: January 2009

Funny stuff here. Although a bit teen bashful, this works. Sure the dog in the loo looks a bit like a pig and will probably be shitting all over the house anyway. And if a dog finds weed on the floor, you can kiss the high goodbye; bas saye3. Nice illustrations.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ana Kida... Sprite

Agency: FP7 Cairo
Country: Egypt

Building on last summer's horrendous "Ana Kida, Ana Sprite" campaign, Sprite have released a new campaign with a similar theme. Only this time thankfully, there's a bit of thought and art direction involved.

First thing is, they've changed the line a little. From "Ana kida. Ana Sprite" to "Ana kida. Sprite". This may not seem like a huge change but I think this way it's much stronger, more meaningful, and less prone to sarcastic comments should the campaign bomb; such as last year's classic: "Ana kida. Ana Khaw**".  

The idea here is that everyone has his or her own ideas that they stand by when giving advise. Whether you ask for it or not, people usually try to feed you their way of thinking. Sprite here is like a wake-up call. It's a refreshing slap on the face, and it's a reminder that you are who you are and decisions are for you to make, not others.

Verdict: Nice idea and execution. A definite step up from last summer. Stronger line.

What do you think? Basha or not??

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