Monday, June 1, 2009

Ana Kida... Sprite

Agency: FP7 Cairo
Country: Egypt

Building on last summer's horrendous "Ana Kida, Ana Sprite" campaign, Sprite have released a new campaign with a similar theme. Only this time thankfully, there's a bit of thought and art direction involved.

First thing is, they've changed the line a little. From "Ana kida. Ana Sprite" to "Ana kida. Sprite". This may not seem like a huge change but I think this way it's much stronger, more meaningful, and less prone to sarcastic comments should the campaign bomb; such as last year's classic: "Ana kida. Ana Khaw**".  

The idea here is that everyone has his or her own ideas that they stand by when giving advise. Whether you ask for it or not, people usually try to feed you their way of thinking. Sprite here is like a wake-up call. It's a refreshing slap on the face, and it's a reminder that you are who you are and decisions are for you to make, not others.

Verdict: Nice idea and execution. A definite step up from last summer. Stronger line.

What do you think? Basha or not??


  1. i like the concept , nicely executed

  2. Check out the new sprite ads at

  3. I am film student at bOmbay _ any idea on the director/ production house who made these.


  4. Well, really happy to read this article, I have bookmarked your website and will turn back to read your new articles.


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