Monday, June 15, 2009

Radio Roundup Egypt

So what's been riding the radio airwaves recently:

1) Wataneya Ad: Oveplayed, overacted, and damn annoying. Also I noticed they changed the script slightly this week from last week.

2) Beano's Card: I'm not sure exactly what card (Black, Silver or....) is being advertised for.It's all a bit rushed. That being said, it is very entertaining, especially the line: 'Roo7 we hatlt everysing fil menuuu... il menuuu'

3) Ana kida. Sprite: A set of supposedely real people, each of them stating something they would like to do, no matter how outrageous. I heard one this morning about a 20 something year old gal in 2nd year pharmacy saying how when she grows up she wants to be a director.

Fair enough. Good luck telling your parents.

Another features a 20 something teen boy who would like to go to Sharm... by bycycle.

Well mister funky Arab, I hope you trip and land in a pile of camel shit.

You know it's easy to say stuff, and entirely different to go through with it.
I hope Sprite doesn't stand for lost or missed dreams.

4) Mega Ice Cream: Sounds like a very inexperienced VO for starters. Something about posting photos of you eating Mega Icecream to their group and the nicest looking will be featured on their billboards.

Oh I see, interaction, brand loyalty and stardom?
How about superficial, shallow and brand retarded?

Has anyone heard anything memorable apart from these, good or bad?

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