Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is Shweppessss...

So for the past two or so weeks, there has been a set of interesting adverts circling the television channels and radio stations, sounding quite funny, and well, actually perfectly spot on.

Schweppes has had a relaunch in its latest, and first in 25 years, rebranding effort. With a new advertising campaign and a new can design, the brand has literally not seen the advertising light since the 1980's when a series of Ads featuring Actor Hassan Abdeen represented one of the first attempts of celebrity advertising in Egypt.

Old Ads:

With a more or less new direction, Schweppes actually integrates their old ads in these three new ones, as they flicker past the screen. The announcer admittedly begins the ad saying it has been 25 years since Schweppes has advertised, so here they are, incase anyone thought they've lost their touch.

With a nostalgic reference to the Days of Hassan Abdeen "الله يرحمك يا حسن يا عابدين" , he wraps it up with a witty reminder using a catchy and blatant slogan, "This is not a soft drink people, this is Schweppes!"

New Ads:

This relaunch comes right after a dispute that started last November, when Société Nationale d’Industries Nutritive (SONUT), an Egyptian bottling company, filed a $200 million lawsuit against Coca-Cola, which owns Schweppes, claiming that Coke tried to run it out of business.

Schweppes executives confirmed that SONUT, which used to bottle and distribute Schweppes in Egypt, no longer does business with the Atlanta-based company.

It's most probable that the advertising agency here is Promoseven, the same agency working with CocaCola and Cadbury, however, there were no credits available with the videos...if anyone knows feel free to attribute with sources.


  1. Nice article Sue, welcome to AdBasha clan :)


    there is plenty of it in these cans.


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