Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Battle of Ramadan - Etisalat

Agency: FP7
Country: Egypt


The insights in the copy are true. I know I have an Etisalat chip in my draw somewhere that I will use one day just in case that offer is too good. There is a reasonable call for action and the spot shows that Etisalat knows its shit.

There's only one problem: It is shit!

Nothing imaginative. No real idea. The shots are so and so. I mean that dude at the end throwing the chips at Egypt... Urghhh...

Also the rhyming makes me want to try and come up with rude words to rhyme with it.


  1. i gotta disagree!
    This was an ad that had great copywriting, nice shots and amazing insights!

  2. 7aram 3alaik!
    i looooooove it! its by far the best ad i saw in more thn a year!

    i love the how speedy the shots change, the large number of actors, the humor.

    but that's just aesthetically, but idea wise i like how it makes u think: "where is my sim card?" great indirect call to action and amazing balanced copy

  3. ahh bgad e3lan 7elw awyyy and soo true... i love the copy


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