Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tamer Hosny's Pepsi Commercial 2009

In recent lights of Tamer Hosny's newfound intense popularity among the Middle East, the increasing number of his portraits on posters, billboards and store windows, and his recent celebrity advertising deal with Pepsi...Here is Tamer Hosny's current Pepsi Television Ad.

Yes...She did 'double' click the Pepsi can

Now I'm not sure why this happened...but it teaches you one thing...amazing the pitches that can fly!

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO
Country: Egypt


  1. The Big Pepsi does it again! There is always a time when a Big brand name initiates a statement to the union of other big brand names "Hey people, Its time to move on, lets take the next step" Who is the new buzz ?
    Egyptian Listeners: "Tamer Tamer!"
    Comfort:"Tamer Tamer"
    Rotana: "Tamer, mesh haye2dar yekhaby regleh!"
    Salma: "Tamer!!"

    Bye Bye Amr Diab, Welcome Tamer Hosny, Tom cruise el geel,
    What is this?? A bad remake of Minority Report?
    A 0 out of 10 from me on this Launch guys, Sorry!

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