Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Aflam 3araby. Om El Agnaby. Cont. II

The Truth Behind Seven: The fact that these two characters have entered Egyptian Pop-Culture History is prevalent of the magnitude of these few commercials. With almost every other random conversation now involving something "Ya Wadee3", and facebook fan pages including more than 60,000 fans, it's quite apparent just how clever and successful these commercials have proved. 

Despite what the actual spoof is, or whether my last post on this saga gave them a thumbs down, it takes real creativity to come up with a timeless catch like this one. As for the truth behind Seven, especially in regards to the actors mimicking Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman, who did an excellent job in getting a genuinely loud laugh out of viewers, or at least me and some friends, this one is really something else. The direction and the background music that accompany the narration of the 'seven deadly sins' is such a refreshing change to the last two Melody Aflam Spoofs...where the camera movements really aid the story board and the music builds up the comedic climax. Even the dialogue, and acting, and specifically the choice for the substitute production "Ice Cream fi Gleem" make this an overall genius collaboration. 

I hope Brad Pitt gets to see this, I love it! Melody Aflam's Redemption...Bravo!

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