Sunday, December 6, 2009

'BQ ... it's cool to be dramatic'

Bq..the firt line of sunglasses designed in the UAE
Impressive (& a little weird I think) FITCH Dubai is transforming "tradition to fashion" with this new line of sunglasses supposedly designed to replace the burqa.

Their Website has a very chic look & feel and an overall expensive sort of touch, which I believe fits nicely with the recent positioning of UAE and its nationals; their models look young and stylish and more importantly, they look Emirati.
As for the shades, they may not be my style, but I can't deny they look quite fancy.

On the website, girls can upload their personal picture to see how the shades would look on them. Pretty cool.

However, I'm not sure about the initiative itself. I'm all for modernization and adapting culture and tradition to match the contemporary world, as they put it, because of globalization, but it feels like a clash of some sort. After all, the glasses are just a substitute for the original face cover.

Face cover and globalization just don't fit in the same sentence for me.

I am impressed by the overall project though and by their "making of" movie.. yet for $1Mill (USD) bq is still a 'concept' it seems, as the website encourages registration to help make it become a reality.



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