Monday, July 27, 2009

Yahoo creates a new hompage

old design

new design

Yahoo have redesigned their homepage. For a sneak peak, go to and click on the top bar. The new design features a more modern streamlined look. The fonts are better spaced and easier to read. The logo has lost the tacky shadow it used to have, and the site is now more open to third party applications and offers a lot in terms of customization. You can actually now log on to Gmail or AOL from Yahoo.

Although I love Google's mimimal strictly search homepage, Yahoo has always been more of a portal. This new design will no doubt send ripples through the internet community with approximately 90 million people logging onto Yahoo a day.

It's funny really how people are resistent to re-designs. I remember when facebook last changed its appearance and how pissed I was about it. To the procrastinating part of me that doesn't want to learn anything new; SHUT DOWN!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Truth in Advertising

What would life be like, if we said what we really meant?

Truth in Advertising is a short film taking you through how an advertising spot is created. The script is smart and hilarious, as all the actors say what they really feel rather than what is usually said in these situations. 

This film is written by Tim Hamilton and David Chiavegato and has been emailed around the world, you gotta check this out:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aflam 3araby. Om El Agnaby.

Hi there everyone. It's been a while since i've last blogged. It's been quite a month: MJ died, me and my 2 and a half year girlfriend broke up, I went to London and Barcelona, my dad turned 70, and now i'm back home. So back to business:

Leo Burnett have created some funny and nicely art directed spots to promote two arabic movies (La7m Rekhees & Viva Zalata) on Melody Aflam. Thing is the spots are better than the movies they're promoting. Heh. Anyway, still good fun.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Cairo
Country: Egypt
Client: Melody

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