Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ear-itation by Cairo Centric

For the love of god:
Someone shoot those yapping chickens that Tarek Nour has let loose on the radio.

For those of you who haven't heard it, anything I write hereafter will never compete with actually listening to this abomination. 

The spot starts off with what seems like 2 chickens having a highly intellectual conversation (please spot the sarcasm) and how Cairo Centric's chickens are envied because they have their own (fucking irritating) song that goes something like this:

11765 (or some number) yakhti yakhti kaak 
(repeat twice a spot and about 1472 times a day)

I think this is a definate contender for most annoying radio spot ever created in Egypt and perhaps in the history of humankind, along with that Shakira one a few months ago as well.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

100 movies spoilers in one take

This has nothing to do with anything. I just found it on youtube and had to share it. Geniuuuusss.

Mobinil - Egyptian Gestures

Leo Burnett Egypt

What a beautiful spot. Expressive, creative and insightful. BRAVO.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

حمام محشي = Overstuffed Bath

I was in sa7il (north coast) last weekend when I found this little gem of a menu. Take a closer look and tell me what you think:

كيلو ريش بتلو = Kilogram of feathers Wiggly
سلطات = authorities
(كيلو مشكل (كباب + كفتة = Kilo problem (section + him)
حمام محشي = overstuffed bath

and off course the shop is ready for waves of tourists, companies and parties. Classic!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cairo Centric Stolen Promos

Tarek Nour, Egyptian Daddy of Advertising, the man whose voice has sold to millions of Egyptians in the last 20 years has recently launched a whole set of promos for his new satellite channel called Cairo Centric (القاهرة والناس) set to launch in Ramadan.

There is one problem though. Take a look for yourself:


Cairo Centric - Elevator Promo


Cairo Centric - Car Promo


Cairo Centric - Library Promo

And that's not all. There are over 20 of these, most of which have been adapted almost as is. A big debate is going on in Egypt about this blatant stealing of ideas. A facebook group (Cairo Centric - الإعلانات مسروقة القاهرة و الناس - STOLEN AD'S !!) has started and within a few days has managed to attract over 2500 members.

The newspaper El Dostoor has written an article about it as well. See article here.

Now what can I say. I have a few friends who actually work in the creative departments of Tarek Nour. What did they have to say: Well firstly they all denied working on the creative for these promos although a few did act in them. They actually told me Tarek Nour himself gave them the link and told them I want this Egyptianized. Period!! And why didn't u guys say anything? We can't say anything. It's his channel, and he's like a god over there. Hmmmm. Ok... So what did Tarek Nour have to say now that everyone's talking about what a thief he is: The age old classic: Any kind of publicity is good. Yes because in Egypt Tarek Nour needs publicity right? His voice has been instilled in our minds all throughout our growth. Until today it's heard on the radio, tv, his logo is after every ad, on the billboards and now he has a tv channel. And apparently he's looking for publicity.

Bullshit. Tarek Nour has been ripping off ads for years. These promos have no creative vitality in them at all, the art direction is atrocious, and they all have no actual message whatsoever. With the opening of his own tv channel, I thought this was a chance for the creatives to really shine at TN and show us what they can do. I know there is talent at Tarek Nour however I feel let down, and I feel that all these talented people are misguided.

What do u guys think?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The (not so) Great Outdoors

Lovely, innit? While we were busy nurturing our creative abilities, we failed to realize that no matter how good an ad looks on a billboard, it certainly won't get the message across if that ad (or what's left of it) is covered in multiple layers of dust and grime. Well, not that these particular ads were great to begin with.

I think it's time we made sure our "production" is keeping up with our "development".

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is Shweppessss...

So for the past two or so weeks, there has been a set of interesting adverts circling the television channels and radio stations, sounding quite funny, and well, actually perfectly spot on.

Schweppes has had a relaunch in its latest, and first in 25 years, rebranding effort. With a new advertising campaign and a new can design, the brand has literally not seen the advertising light since the 1980's when a series of Ads featuring Actor Hassan Abdeen represented one of the first attempts of celebrity advertising in Egypt.

Old Ads:

With a more or less new direction, Schweppes actually integrates their old ads in these three new ones, as they flicker past the screen. The announcer admittedly begins the ad saying it has been 25 years since Schweppes has advertised, so here they are, incase anyone thought they've lost their touch.

With a nostalgic reference to the Days of Hassan Abdeen "الله يرحمك يا حسن يا عابدين" , he wraps it up with a witty reminder using a catchy and blatant slogan, "This is not a soft drink people, this is Schweppes!"

New Ads:

This relaunch comes right after a dispute that started last November, when Société Nationale d’Industries Nutritive (SONUT), an Egyptian bottling company, filed a $200 million lawsuit against Coca-Cola, which owns Schweppes, claiming that Coke tried to run it out of business.

Schweppes executives confirmed that SONUT, which used to bottle and distribute Schweppes in Egypt, no longer does business with the Atlanta-based company.

It's most probable that the advertising agency here is Promoseven, the same agency working with CocaCola and Cadbury, however, there were no credits available with the videos...if anyone knows feel free to attribute with sources.

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