Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aflam 3araby. Om El Agnaby. Cont.

Since credit must be given where credit is due, I must congratulate the creative minds behind the 'concept' of this campaign. Poking fun at deliberate failure on our movie producers' part and the fact that we are able to produce blockbusters but sort of just 'choose' not to IS funny. 

I found the first two to be genius. Then it sort of got old. The Truth behind Dances with Wolves felt incredibly long as it borders 3 minutes and isn't all that funny. I cringed a little at the dialog but thought okay, interesting. 

With Brave Heart, I'm not sure if it was offensive, or lame, or maybe it really got old this time. But I didn't appreciate the humor, nor the inclinations, nor the acting. AT ALL. An idea is good as long as you don't over use it. That's my opinion anyway. 

This campaign won a Film Grand Prix at the Dubai Lynx 2010.

Agency: Leo Burnett Cairo
Client: Melody

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Egypt Vs. Algeria - Déjà vu

In what can only be called a brilliant initiative, CocaCola brings its fans an utter sense of nostalgia, mixed with goosebumps and smiles and even loud laughter.
With their latest National Football Team sponsorship campaign, "1989" marks some of the best commercial content I've seen in a long while.

20 years ago, same two teams, same crucial crossroad, same month...Egypt and Algeria met for a World Cup qualifying game; A Special Dedication to 80 Million Egyptians.

Check out their Campaign's website here too

Bravo! This is Excellent

Monday, November 2, 2009

Grooveshark: The New Deezer

Remember those days when you could stream any song you wished, really quickly, share it with your mates, create a playlist and check out other people's??
Remember those pre-new-look-deezer days when it was all free, and how you got addicted to it so quickly... Well those days are long gone coz Deezer ain't free anymore.

But not to worry, Grooveshark is here and it fuck** rocks!!!!

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