Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sprite - howa kida

Sprite have rebranded (again). Their last yin-yang style logo was an overdone disaster, so I'm glad they've changed it. Billboards and magazine ads have flooded Cairo (along with a day of thunder, showers and insane traffic) showcasing their new look which sees a return to the logo of the past (thankfully) with splashes of modernity added to it. Accompanying the change are these two spots:

First it was: Ana Kida, Ana Sprite
Then it was: Ana Kida, Sprite
And now it's: Sprite, Howa Kida

Interesting set of ads although I do like the 'Ana Kida, Sprite' art direction more. I like the ad with the girl much more, I feel it has more truths, stronger insights and better copy than the guy's attempt.


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