Monday, March 22, 2010

Dubai Lynx 2010

So after a week in Dubai, mingling with the advertising horde and clients alike, I'm actually glad to be back to the mayhem of Cairo. No surprises at Leo Burnett Cairo's Grand Prix in the TV and Craft categories for the Melody Aflam work. Excellent as always, although very surprised that their Mobinil 'Gestures' ad could only muster a shortlist, and amazed at how their entertaining and insightful spots for Birell Football didn't even get shortlisted.  Makes me wonder sometimes.

Also Elephant. Who the hell are Elephant? I mean cool name 'n'all, but is this FP7 in disguise or what?
Ali Ali tells me they have nothing to do with FP7. Mashi. Irregardless, excellent work for Lika gum that I've never heard of or seen that won Grand Prix in the print category and gold in the outdoor. Off course the children that do chew that gum will be having very sweet dreams I'm sure. Their work for Coca-Cola is great though I do wish the DubaiLynx site will sort itself out and make us able to view the damn entries.

I am very surprised at how few entries actually won in the TV and Radio categories. I also turn a little purple when I think of the Interactive Viewing section with 9 year old Internet Explorer 6 installed on all computers. I hope the judges weren't using those for judging.

Memac Ogilvy label Tunisia, bravo on their Interactive Grand Prix, a first finally for the region.

Elephant's 89 fans from 89 - fully deserved Grand Prix winning Integrated Campaign, seen all over Egypt and got everyone talking. Basha!

David Nobay, John Hunt and Chuck Porter, great fuckin seminars.

Creative Club Party - full of obnoxious idiots. Except for that Algerian chick I met, yes she is Algerian but very hot and from the client side.

The awards ceremony, our table was right next to the bar hence us getting completely smashed. Congrats to Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai for not sitting down all night. Amir Kassaei, 1600 awards yet surprisingly overshadowed by the presenter in red. And finally congratulations to Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai who won Grand Prix for their outdoor ambient antics for Dubai Metro - writing on abandoned dusty cars that are all over Dubai that the Metro rules. Great!!

I guess I'm a little pissed off that our one humble entry in the poster section for Nile FM didn't even get a mention. But then again, who the fuck are we right?

"The Wake Up Call - preventing cruelty against alarm clocks"

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