Monday, December 13, 2010

Chevrolet - Hand-drawn Billboard

Agency: Leo Burnett, Dubai
Illustrator/Salesman: Unknown

I like the idea of drawing on a billboard. That's it!!

Now whether this will save money or not is another matter. And whether this billboard will actually survive (considering that Beirut and Alexandria have been pounded by heavy rains and winds over the last day or so, and much of the region is expecting rainfall) is again debatable.

Another thing bugging me is that it's pretty hard to read. The camera zooms in at the end, yet I find myself squinting. Now put me in a car on that road with that eye-straining yet catchy billboard, and I probably won't have enough money indeed: to cover my hospital bill for when I have an accident.

So, to conclude. This billboard is catchy but not very practical.
The video is pleasant, the copy needs some work, and the illustrations would probably look better in print.

Come to think of it: Maybe Leo Burnett should do some hand drawn posters or flyers and hand those out. At least people would be able to read them!!

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