Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mobinil - Al Masry Line

and then there's this older video I found:

Agency: Leo Burnett Cairo

Hmmm... I was loving this campaign till I stumbled on those fingers skating away on YouTube. Off course there are thousands of videos and ads showing hands dancing, fingers talking and so on and so forth. So nothing really that fresh. However giving credit where it's due, I like how the fingers all denote the number 8, and they're all dancing, having fun and talking together. Good idea. And it's nice seeing them on billboards while I'm driving to work. Nothing like a good hand job in the morning!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Melody Drama - Part 1 Jimmy Habibi

Melody's new campaign first impressions:
Oh it's that exaggerated guy from Ramadan / Tarek Nour / Sosta / (ya bedaaan), wi Ganz wi Nicole kamaaan - they're going all out aren't they? Shakl kida mafeesh fekra awi. 
Where have I seen those twins? The secretary... say3a gidan, sexual innuendo is not only normal now it's expected. Gamal Marawan saye3. Boobi, yikhribeet tezha. Amusmus!! 
Hah. Abrupt abrupt abrupt ending.

I like the direction they're taking for Melody Drama. Creating their own little dramatic episodes has a lot of potential considering everyone knows the Melody characters by now. 
Generally I was pretty entertained and left looking forward to the second part. So 7.11/10 with the potential of growing on me depending on future episodes.

I would really appreciate your impressions on this campaign, but what I would really like to know is - in your opinion, is that sosta Hamzawy dude zareef walla badeen?

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