Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vodafone - The Simple King

The latest ad from JWT Cairo for Vodafone Egypt features none other than the legendary Adel Imam. This is probably why everyone in Egypt is talking about it:

Friend: 'Did you see the new Adel Imam ad for Vodafone?'

Me: 'Yes. I did.'

Friend: 'And...??'

Indeed. And.... No marks here for originality. It is however a beautifully directed and well written spot. It's emotional and filled with real Egyptians. As much as we are all simple people, every one of us has the power inside to effect others. Our power isn't that we're 80 million people or that we're number 1, our power is in every one.

This formula is proven. Check out Leo Burnett's 'Egyptian Gestures' ad for Mobinil.

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  1. nice work dude, collecting and posting all these work..kudos.


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