Sunday, February 13, 2011

Proud to be Egyptian

Egyptians continue to write history.
Egyptians continue to change the world.
To the lovely people of Egypt, congratulations.
You're free.

"Free at last, free at last... thank God almighty we are free at last"

A New Hope

No words could describe the recent events that took place in the ancient land. 
A land that has been gifted to us since the beginning of time. A land that started the human movement to innovate and be tested, weighed, measured and found wanting. History has indeed proven how inevitable it could be by repetition. This time, it has been written in blood by a generation of men and women who represent the very fabric of mankind. 

I seriously see many a tale that could be turned into motion pictures, telling the story of the brave souls that gave their lives for the freedom of their country. Our job is no longer to sell bottled air. But to touch hearts and pull out the truth from the bowels of the underworld.
If you are reading this. Take a moment to think what have you achieved in your lifetime?
Forget your Lions your Cleos, your OnesShows and your comfy A/C desks with color chalked laced walls. Take a moment to do something far more greater than all that put together. 

I call on all of you, if you would permit me. To make a real difference. Lets be the Historians. Directors, DOPs, Screenwriters, Journalists, Photographers, Producers, Set Directors, Everyone is welcome to Join. Let's seize this moment and watch the events unfold in-front of us, as we begin to tell the tale in Film, about the recent events that shook the world, a country finally free. An Egyptian tale...

Death-toll of the Revolution
Location of deaths↓The mostly confirmed
death toll
as of 11 February 2011
Beni Suef17
Kharga Oasis1
Sheikh Zoweid, North Sinai1Abu Simbel1
Deaths in other places hit by protests15

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