Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cottonil - Your friends are like your underwear

Some provide comfort, some provide support, & some are just a pain in the ass. So when you come to choose, choose the ones you can reply on. Choose Cottonil. Our cotton speaks Egyptian.

Yes. Apparently Cottonil's cotton speaks Egyptian!! I don't exactly know what that line is supposed to mean. Do you? Hmmm... Maybe it means that their cotton has been through so much shit (literally), and so understands the needs of your ass. Their cotton can relate... It can speak to you... Yes... That must be it.

If the music in the ad sounds familiar, and you feel like you've heard it before, well that's because you have! The song is called l'apres midi by Yann Tiersen and was featured in the french film Amélie. This specific piece has been used in countless Egyptian commercials, so no marks for originality here.

Now apart from the 'line' and the 'music', I actually quite like this ad. It's refreshing and really stands out from all the garbage being aired this Ramadan. It's controversial; people either LOVE it or HATE it. A bit like Marmite!

It has dominated TV ad conversations in Egypt, and thus has really put Cottonil in the minds of consumers.

I guess the only question that remains to be answered is this:
What kind of underwear are you wearing or hanging out with right now?

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