Monday, August 8, 2011

#VodafoneShokran thanks for teaching us a lesson on how to piss of tweegyptians

Vodafone Egypt have done it again. Really, I mean after the whole taking credit for the revolution video a few months ago, you'd think they'd learnt something, or maybe their advertising partners would have. Sadly they haven't.

This Ramadan, Vodafone is running a 'Shokran' campaign. As part of the 'shokranities', their official twitter account started it all with the following:

So naturally, everyone on twitter decided to thank Vodafone Egypt for their involvement in the revolution. Thousands upon thousands of tweets. Here are a few snippets:

Vodafone claim that they had no option but to comply with the government. That their employees were unhappy with what happened during the revolution, but if they hadn't done what the government wanted, they would have been shut down and it would have effected millions of Egyptians for much longer than the cut-off time.

Unfortunately for Vodafone Egypt, the people of Egypt know what you did do, and not what you didn't.

As the great Don Draper once said "During the Depression, I saw somebody throw a loaf of bread off the back of a truck. It was more dignified."

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