Friday, March 18, 2011

Frequency - Sounds

Winner of a Bronze in the Film category at the Dubai Lynx 2011.

Client: Frequency
Agency: FP7 Egypt
Creative Director: Hisham Kharma
Associate Creative Director: Montasser Khalil
Art Director: Fady Youssef
Copywriter: Sherif Doss / Omar Ahwani
Director: Hisham Kharma / Montasser Khalil
Editor: Khaled Khidr
Producer: Heba Radwan / Mohamed Abdel Aziz / Ashraf Hosafy
Sound Studio: Frequency
Sound Engineer: Hosny Ali

Good idea. I love the sounds, especially the evil air shafaat in the end :)) 
One comment, the mac keyboard and car interior just don't fit that vintage raw feel. Other than the whole thing feels low-budget which makes me like it even more.

Verdict: Basha!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bario your Mood Saviour

We all know there are tons of Malt Drinks out there that have swept the Saudi and Egyptian market recently. Bario is positioned as your mood saviour. Whenever a good mood is under threat, it's Bario to the rescue. 

Check this Hot-Headed wife out!

Agency: DDB Dubai
ECD: Shehzad Yunus
Creative Director: Firas Medrows
Copywriter/Screenwriter: Karim Hassan Sherif
Planner: Shahweer Saad
Production: V.I.P Films
Director: Marc Challhoub

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