Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Qtel - It's a Boy

Created by Impact BBDO Qatar, this was shortlisted at the #DubaiLynx 2011 in the Film category.

Agency: Impact BBDO Qatar
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Amseyan
Executive Creative Director: Waleed Kanaan
Copywriter: Ken Trevor
Agency Producer: Rany Sarouphim
Account Manager: Hilda Abdel Malek
Account Supervisor: Adham El Deeb
Director: Wissam Smayra
Producer: Alain Toubia

This is part of a TVC campaign promoting Qtel's sponsorship of the Asian Football Cup - and all the emotions associated with the game. It builds on the insight that while there are many happy occasions in life, few give us the same cause for celebration as football.

Although I feel like i've seen this kind of stuff before, it's still pretty funny. I like the way the guy says "It's a goooooaaaal", although maybe if "It was a girl" rather than a boy it would have sounded even better (aliteration n all).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SAE Institute - Talent for Seeing

This was shortlisted in the Film category at the Lynx 2011, and won a Bronze in the Film Craft. It's part of the "Your Talent Is Waiting" videos by TBWA/RAAD Dubai for SAE Institute.

Agency: TBWA/RAAD Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Milos Ilic
Copywriters: Stefan Ranjelovic/Milos Ilic/Deger Ozkan Cotelioglu/Breda Plavec
Agency Producer: Rouba Asmar
Advertiser's Supervisor: Predrag Toncev
Account Supervisor: Ismail Al-Ghussein
Production Company: SAE INSTITUTE DUBAI, UAE
2nd Production Company: FILMWORKS Dubai, UAE
Director: Stefan Randjelovic/Milos Ilic
Producer: Tim Smythe/Vesna Boskovic
Editor: Stefan Randjelovic
Sound Design/Arrangement: Salar Ansar/Zaher Akahchly
Music: Artist/Title: Ghadeer Abeidoh/Sofija Dugic/Milos Ilic
Animation: Stefan Randjelovic
Art Director: Milos Ilic
Cameraman: Sasha Bajac/Richard Latham
Cinematographer: Stefan Randjelovic/Milos Ilic
Director Of Photography: Richard Latham/Goran Jankovic
Post Production: Stefan Randjelovic

I have to say that is one of the longest list of credits I've had on this site so far.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vodafone - The Power of Everyone

The most celebrated win at the Mena Cristals this year went to JWT Cairo’s ‘Kowetna’ campaign for Vodafone Egypt, which struck a nerve given the situation in Egypt at the time. It led to a standing ovation from the audience at the Intercontinental Mzaar and was awarded the integrated grand Cristal.

At the Dubai Lynx the campaign won a Bronze Integrated Lynx and the film spot only managed a shortlist. See my review of it here.

Chief Creative Officer: Ramsey Naja
Executive Creative Director: Rich Wakefield
Creative Director: Luciana El-Gebely
Copywriter: May El-Naggar/Omar Elmoutaz
Agency Producer: Reem Megahed/Khaled Zaki
Planner: Hatem Elkashef/Shady Abdellatif
Account Manager: Heba Abdelmonsef
Account Supervisor: Mahmoud Hassan
Production Company: ASAP Cairo, EGYPT
Director: Rob Sanders
Producer: Amin Elmisry
Art Director: Asmaa Yehia
Cinematographer: Gyula Pados

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deraya - Bad Ad

I can't believe this only got shortlisted at the Lynx. I laughed my ass off at this spot and had to watch it again. The creative dude looks a little like Jimmy from the Melody Drama ads. Right?

Agency: Full Stop Advertising, Jeddah, KSA
Chief Creative Officer: Kaswara Alkhatib
Creative Director: Kamel Alzaheri
Copywriter: Omar Hilal
Advertiser's Supervisor: Mohamed Alsayyad
Account Manager: Samer Bahsas
Account Supervisor: Samer Bahsas
Production Company: Made In Saudi Films Jeddah, KSA
Director: Omar Hilal
Editor: Omar Hilal

Etihad Airways - Shorter

Agency: TBWA/RAAD Abu Dhabi, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Martin Lever
Creative Director: Timothy Brothers
Copywriter: Mark Williams
Art Director: Hiba Hassan
Agency Producer: Richard Forbes-Robertson
Production Company: Boomtown Productions Dubai, UAE

With Etihad Airways, long flights feel shorter. This whole 'time flies when you're having fun' feels pretty old and probably why these only made it as far as the shortlist at the Lynx I do like how quick, simple and straightforward they are.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dacia Logan - Parking Sensor

Agency: JWT Casablanca, Morocco

This was shortlisted at the Dubai Lynx 2011 in the film section. I like the local insight that's also true in Egypt: the 'sayes' acting like a parking sensor. Over here it sounds more like 'mashi, mashi, mashi, mashi, ta3ala, mashia....HOB!!'

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dubai Lynx 2011

Attending the Lynx is something I look forward to every year. With entries up 52% from the year before, a change of venue, and staying with Lloyz, it was sure to be memorable.

The Venue: Madinat Jumeriah 
This time around we had a change of a venue, which served really well because just a few minutes away was Brewsters (a cross between Brewskies and Roosters) serving up some juicy fajitas, burgers, and heart-throbbing things. Infront of the Lynx hall you could find a range of food and drinks including alcohol, which did come in handy until I discovered the Absolute Booth inside the hall giving away free cocktails. There was small and overpriced coffee available as well but I opted for the Cinnabon a few minutes away in the souk. 

The Man: Lloyz
A good friend of mine living in Dubai and working at DDB, recently moved to a cozy apartment in the Greens. I must say, coming from a place where we have to actually plan ages in advance just to go for a swim, it felt really good looking out of his balcony, seeing a swimming pool, and knowing I could use it whenever I pleased. I only ended up using it once but still, the feeling itself is priceless off course...

Lloyz himself is a very lively character, an extremely talented creative, and an insane story-teller. Also he's probably the only person I know apart from Saad that can drink more than me. Good times bro!!

Opening Day - Sunday, March 27th
After registering and walking around I settled in to watch Banksy's academy-award nominated documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop."


I was intending to write a day by day thing but I can't be fucked now. So to cut it short, I really really enjoyed the Independent Agency Showcase. Ali Ali rocked, Yousef Tuqan was lively and Republique's reel was pretty good.

It was inspirational hearing Dr. Naif Al Mutawa talk about 'The 99' and the amount of success it's garnered from all over the world.

Lean Mean Fighting Machine talking about sixth sense technology, mind control and gesture technology was eye-opening.

Taxi were just fucking cool.

Armin from Jung Von Matt singing to the crowd, the CEO mob talking digital, and Eugene Cheong's charisma were all highly entertaining.

And now (drum roll) the work... Well considering this happened a few weeks ago, you all have probably seen all award winning entries already. So what I'm going to do is try to post the shortlisted entries that didn't win in the coming few weeks. 

Finally I'd like to congratulate the organizing team behind the Dubai Lynx, especially Sandra who was very helpful and Steve Lane the festival director: Great job guys and thanks for all the alcohol. BASHA!!

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