Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evolution of the Ad Executive

Advertising executives have come a long way in just the last 50 years. As our culture evolves, so do ad execs. They’ve got to stay on top of the latest trends, technologies, and taglines to remain relevant. We take a look at how ad execs have evolved over the last few decades in the infographic below.

Via: BuySellAds

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tired Creative Shoes

The latest 'Tired Shoe' ad courtesy of Euro RSCG Casablanca. #FAIL 

In case you weren't aware, here are two other tired shoe ads straight out of the Cannes Archives. The first is a commercial titled 'TONGUE' that was done by McCann for Stick Up Shoe Deodorant in Brazil in 1998.

The second was created by Leo Burnett Zurich in 2003 for AlpenArena.

Seeing all this doesn't only make the shoe sick, but me also. I have to agree with Euro RSCG's line in the first ad 'Enough Walking'....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Message from LG

So I just received a message from the PR manager of LG in Egypt. Although I was hoping for a massage, it actually turned out to be only a message.

Christine, the PR manager, informed me that the ads created by Mohamed Gaber and Media Marquee were not commissioned by LG, and she believes they are hurting LG's image. She also said that LG will be taking serious actions with Mohamed Gaber. Oh and she requested that I remove them from AdBasha.

Yeah... So Christine... Baby.... Let me first thank you for your email. I am happy that you have exposed these set of ads for what they are. Believe me it was pretty obvious they were scam.

Now about hurting your image..... what image?
These are probably the nicest looking ads I have ever seen for LG in Egypt.
Sure there's no real idea here, and there's a funny typo, and off course the fact you didn't ask for them. But to be honest,  these ads made me and everyone notice you. I mean I had never heard of the GW300 before these ads.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LG - Massaging Ads Of The World

If you didn't already notice, these set of pretty ads should read 'Messaging', not 'Massaging'. Although Massaging is definitely funner. But what's funny is these ads were sent to Ads Of The World with a typo, and then to MediaMe without. And that my friends says a lot.

This is a classic case of a creative trying to make it big. He'll come up with the idea, write the copy and design the art. He'll bang a logo in the corner and send it to all the blogs in the hope of making a name for himself.

The only problem is, he did them alone. In my opinion these ads prove to me that this Mohamed Gaber character is a great Illustrator and that's it.

I don't really see any conceivable idea here, and to top it off, there's a typo.

Agency: Media Marquee, Egypt
Creative/Illustrator: Mohamed Gaber

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