Monday, January 16, 2012

MENA Cristals 2012

This year, I'm planning to visit Lebanon and the MENA Cristals for the first time. Although I am looking forward to the festival, I am also looking forward to some serious partying, and visiting my mates. I'm not going to mention Lebanese women, coz that's a given.

The MENA Cristal Festival is going to take place at the snowy slopes of Mzaar from the 21-23 February 2012. I have always had the impression that the Dubai Lynx was like the Cannes of the region, so where does that leave the Cristals? Or maybe it's like the Champions League and the Europa Cup..

Either way, am definitely looking forward to the whole thing. Some shortlists were recently released, click on the link to download:

- Media Cristal Shortlist
- Promo & Direct Cristal Shortlist
- Cyber & Mobile Cristal Shortlist
- Production Cristal Shortlist

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