Monday, May 21, 2012

Kit Kat Dark "Seatbelt"

Created by JWT Kuwait and released in the UAE; I was asked to post the following description:

"The taste of a Kit Kat Dark during your break is the taste of deliciously dark humour. The ad is in itself a break, a chance to laugh at the 'darker' side of life – a little bit of cynicism with a radically funny twist"

Now for my thoughts:

The idea of flirting with the dark side because it's dark chocolate isn't new, and I'm not a fan of the word "Enjoy" either... I also don't like the word "Style" or the word "Dream". They're so overused in Egypt they've lost meaning.

Anyway back to the ad; it's pretty funny. Death telling another Death to fasten the seatbelt, so Death doesn't die in an accident. Talk about a paradox! I was intrigued so I logged onto the JWT site and saw the others as well. Dracula in a bar ordering a Bloody Mary is pretty cool :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

El Lahlouba Lamia Gouda

A lesson in how to market yourself.

Lamia Gouda, an up-and-coming Egyptian comedienne, was jobless. But instead of sulking, Lamia looked to some of her creative friends, and with a very small budget they managed to create something... different!

Spoofing the low-budget Egyptian infomercials, Lamia was sold as a product. They also created a website: 
and a game on the app store called 'Lamia Goes to Hollywood'

Well done to the team who created this and congrats to Lamia :) Basha!!

Creative/Director/Producer/Superman: Omar Hilal

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