Thursday, August 16, 2012

Akher 7alawa!!

Halawa Spread.... A relatively new product in the Egyptian market that's quick, easy to prepare, tasty, and filled with creative opportunity. Akher 7alawa!!

The two main players are the older 'El Rashidi El Mizan' and the now-famous-thanks-to-Elephant 'Bawadi'. Below are their latest works of adArt.

The above spot was created by Elephant. It's a pretty far-fetched idea that ends in similar painful fashion to Kalbaz. It plays on the speed and easiness of  halawa spread, is damn memorable, and has got Ali Ali written all over it. Personally, I love it!!

The second ad is courtesy of Egyptian agency Animation Advertising.

Remember the Vodafone Mounir Commercial? This is a reply to it!!

I never really liked Animation Advertising, and after this ad... I still don't. I do however think it's pretty ballsy the way they've blatantly copied and replied to the Vodafone Mounir ad.

And then they released this, starring Egypt's answer to Chuck Norris.... but even dirtier.... Mamdouh Farag.

Hahahaha.... "Enta 3ayezha eih?"

But perhaps the real question here is: "Enta 3ayezha feen?"
as many people on Twitter would seem to agree.

In conclusion, I think many of us now know there's Halawa spread in the Egyptian market. I haven't seen Bawadi on TV, but I've seen Rashidi El Mizan. And I'm sure there's a reason for that.

Rashidi El Mizan will probably sell more during Ramadan, but who's going to win the award?

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