Saturday, January 19, 2013


There seems to be a trend nowadays in Egyptian TV ads. It's nothing novel, but has become quite noticeable because of same-time airing.


Otherwise known as animaladvertising.

I've started watching TV more since Bassem Youssef made it to CBC and one thing me, the viewers and even Bassem Youssef agree on, is there are an intolerable amount of ads during his popular show.

If you're one of the few that doesn't tune out or take a piss during the ad break, then you may have seen these. Notice the trend?

Quite a cool idea from DDB Dubai for Sunbites. The pecker bird symbolised the inner conscience of women, and suitably it belongs to the one and only Lloyz. I was reminded a bit by the Garnier 'Monkey on my head' spot a few years ago, but this is different.

Remember the infamous 2007 Cadbury 'Gorilla' ad playing drums to Phil Collins? Awesome stuff!! The guys at Saatchi Cairo were obviously inspired by that (Moro is owned by Cadbury), and everyone else using animals so that's exactly what they did.

I think this was recently banned from airing on TV. And anything that gets banned gets my vote. This is created by Tarek Nour and it's advertising 'The Golden Box', something that's gonna make you roar rather then quack :)

Juhayna's yoghurt turn a little kid into a lion... Yaaawwwnn.

Independent outfit 'Kairo' have probably created one of the most talked about spots of the year. It's memorable, surprising, and the line 'endahesh' is brilliant. If a belly-dancing monkey doesn't surprise you, Freska will.

A few years ago the 'Never say no to Panda' cheese ads wiped the awards clean, even winning a Cannes. It looks like this year there's gonna be quite a feast of animaladvertising on display at the awards.  I personally predict that Freska is gonna win big.

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