Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweet Cutie Pie in Dubai Mall turns out to be a Hoax!

A video of a man proposing to his girlfriend in a Dubai shopping mall went viral last week. Why? Because the attempt to woo his girlfriend ended in him being clobbered by a ukulele.

The video gathered nearly 500,000 views shortly after its upload, with many believing it was a genuine proposal #FAIL. However, it was all a hoax by Cadbury as part of its "Not So Sweet" campaign for Bournville - a dark chocolate.

If the branded train that rolls by during the sickeningly sweet speech didn't give it away, the post-clobbering ending kind of did. The launch of this campaign on digital media led to an increase in brand conversation by 800%. Along with the Sweet Cutie Pie viral, there's a Twitter campaign called 'Tape a Tweet' that allows users to throw overtly sweet situations at the brand on Twitter using the hashtag #NotSoSweet where the lucky tweets get promptly converted into one minute videos by some of India's best stand-up comics. Pretty cool digital integration created by Pinnacle India.

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