Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rip-Off? UN Women 'The Autocomplete Truth'

This campaign won an insane 13 awards for Memac Ogilvy Dubai. Add to that 9 awards for Coke Social Media Guard (which may very well be a rip-off as well) and you're crowned kind of the Dubai Lynx jungle... Or should I say circus?

GOLD in Branded Content & Entertainment
GOLD in Promo & Activation / Print or Standard Outdoor
GOLD in Promo & Activation / Public Awareness
GOLD in Design
GOLD in Direct
GOLD in Interactive
GOLD in Media
SILVER in Print
SILVER in Media
SILVER in Outdoor
BRONZE in Integrated

The sad truth is that as much as this campaign is for a good cause, it has no business winning in creative award shows.

The autocomplete feature of Google is used the same way in these 3 anti-prejudice ads.
Thanks to Joe La Pompe for posting this first:

What's peculiar is the 'Romanians are Smart' campaign won several awards in 2012 including a SILVER Cannes Lion, a GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE at New York Festivals and a GOLD and BRONZE Effie...

Yet the Dubai Lynx international judges missed it. Hell, I'm willing to bet that at least a couple of 2014 Lynx judges were at Cannes, New York or the Effies in 2012. If not as admen, as judges even.

Dubai Lynx, your reputation is again in question.
You can either do nothing, lose our respect and enjoy the show.
Because bloggers like myself and Anubis have a lot up our sleeves.

We're the advertising vigilantes and we're gonna cut those thieving dinosaurs down to size. Small hands can only reach so far.

OR you can do something about it.

I hope the creative integrity of our industry is more important to you than some entry money and a few speakers.

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