Friday, April 11, 2014

Sex, Pop & Politics

Mashrou' Leila is one of the most notable and controversial indie/alternative rock acts in the Middle East. With an openly gay frontman and anti-establishment lyrics, this independent Beirut-based band is on a mission of musical rebellion in the region.

Leo Burnett Beirut were asked to promote their new album 'Raasuk' (They made you dance) and boy did they think of something clever. They chose a political track called 'Lil Watan' (For the country) whose lyrics talk about how governments distract people from what's important, and through an online video they created a diversion of their own.

This is probably one of my favourite ideas of the year. It's simple, clever, catchy and living in Egypt I can thoroughly relate.

I remember judging this piece with the Arabic Culture Jury at the MENA Cristal Festival in Beirut last February.  Only me and two others voted for it. I asked one of the judges why she didn't vote for it and she told me 'I felt it wasn't an ad'. I told her that's exactly why I voted for it. I don't think she got it.

This deservedly won several awards at the Dubai Lynx 2014 including:
GOLD in Branded Content & Entertainment
SILVER in Promo & Activation
SILVER in Interactive


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