Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ramadan Ads إعلانات رمضان 2016

The first week of Ramadan ads have been as exciting as some talking babies.
Yup. That's about it!

Agency: King Tut's Playground, Egypt
Client: Juhayna

KTP's talking babies are very funny but the idea is not very novel. Still, El Dandoo yeksab!!

*UPDATE: This ad has been banned by the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency. 
As a friend of mine greatly said: it's incredible how this ad can be banned, yet Ramez Galal can burn, swear and snort on TV. We need to sort out our priorities.

Agency: FP7/CAI
Client: Coca Cola

Coke has followed through with the promise they gave last Ramadan of helping develop 100 Egyptian villages with a beautiful cinemagraph style execution.

Agency: Impact BBDO, Egypt
Client: Pepsi

After 3 successive years of nostalgic bombardment and pulling at our heartstrings, Pepsi ditches the memories but continues with the theme of lights connecting us. This time using Pepsi bottles to light homes and streets in impoverished communities across Egypt. Catchy and upbeat song by Abu too.

Agency: TNA, Egypt
Client: Etisalat

Etisalat are celebrating 30 million customers so they created a song with some slice of "Egyptian high class" life imagery. *yawn

Agency: Impact BBDO, Egypt
Client: Vodafone

Vodafone did exactly what they did last year. Play it safe: Throw money at a bunch of superstars and have them sing a song. 

This year's "The Big Family" ad is based on the famous El Leila El Kebira (The Big Night), a classic Egyptian puppet play from the 60s. Suffice to say, it's definitely gonna be a hit in Egypt. 

Agency: Animation Advertising, Egypt
Client: Koki 

Clever script and literal execution about how we're all affected by chickens. Never thought I would say a sentence like that, further proof that this is a stand-out creative.

Agency: Nile Production, Egypt
Client: Cottonil

We've seen this style of ad so many times. This time it's about how everyone has a different way of sitting down. It's not bad, but not great either.

*UPDATE: Also banned. Let me tell you why:
The "Oh" narrator comment when a group of women squat.
Apparently there are "sexual innuendos".
There's a family of 4 riding a motorcycle.

For me, the only reason this ad should be banned is because the agency that did it is called Nile Production. Could they not think of any other name? Really?

And finally, more underwear!!! Let the battle of boxers begin!! Dice destroyed Cottonil's slogan "Our cotton talks Egyptian" by reminding people that cotton doesn't talk. Very funny!!

Oh and this one below was also banned. I'll let you figure out why :)p

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