Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pepsi & United Airlines PR Disasters

United Airlines is in deep shit! They've now lost $1 billion in market value after a video clip emerged of a passenger being dragged, yes, literally dragged off one of its planes for refusing to leave an overbooked flight.

Airlines overbooking flights is one of the most annoying things for passengers. Airlines claim that they do this to sell every available seat and ultimately bring down the cost of tickets. I personally think that’s a load of bollocks and airlines just want to profit as much as they can.

Video credit: Business Insider

A week earlier, Pepsi released and then quickly retracted possibly one of the worst ads ever made. The advert which stars Kendall Jenner appears to join some kind of hipster protest and then offers a can of Pepsi to a daft police officer. *Sigh.

Video credit: Dagbladet

Twitter has been on-fire this month with people responding to the recent events by hilariously comparing the United scandal to that of Pepsi's.

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